local 2110

What is Local 2110?

The Technical, Office and Professional (TOP) Union, Local 2110, is an amalgamated union with 30 contracts covering over 3000 workers in universities, publishing, museums, law firms and other offices. We represent teachers, secretaries, administrators, editors, computer operators, librarians, museum curators, typesetters and graphic artists, among many others.

Our union has taken a lead in organizing women and workers in non-profits who have never been organized before. We have broken new ground in winning benefits such as childcare, flex-time, job classification, domestic partner benefits and family leave. We have the experience necessary to organize and negotiate for "white collar" workers.

The Graduate Workers of Columbia - UAW Local 2110 represents over 3,000 research and teaching assistants at Columbia University. We changed labor law. We voted union YES. We won NLRB certification. But Columbia University has announced they will break the law and refuse to bargain, despite our 72% (1602 to 623) democratic mandate for a union in December 2016.

Columbia has worked against us for the past three-and-a-half years and actively used this time to voice their anti-union stance. Now it’s time to demonstrate that our work is essential to this university. So are the democratic values that our NLRB election represented.

We are now on strike. Please donate to the hardship fund to help cover the costs of lost wages and benefits for strikers by clicking HERE